In addition to gracing our pages, Rebecca Fahringer is an elite level cyclocross racer, a recovering scientist, a fan of dogs, donuts and snark. The recipient of an Amy D. Foundation sponsorship to race in 2015 / 2016, Becca dishes on how cycling informs her life.  

How'd you get into cycling? 

I was a triathlete in college and absolutely loved my collegiate club! Triathlon was fun and I was finding success. When I left college and went to grad school at Brown University, I worked really hard to start up a club there; the collegiate club atmosphere is really wonderful and was what I was looking for. The administration, after two years of trying to start a tri club, shut it down. But, during this journey, I found the Brown Cycling Club and they Providence Velo club! They assured me I didn’t need to be a triathlete anymore and helped me to discover my potential as a cyclist. Now I focus in cyclocross, but race on the road too.

How do you organize your life around it?

I actually quit grad school and sidelined a career in the sciences just to ride my silly bike. I am working at a bank part-time to get some money to pay the bills, but I keep training full time year-round and race a full cyclocross season at the professional level.

Favorite place you've ridden?

I rode once in the area of Interlaken, Switzerland and the landscape and roads could NOT be beat, so that is an all-time favorite. For a couple of years I was able to go to California in the spring for a week to train, and I loved the  weather and vacation atmosphere. But really, I just love being able to roll out of my driveway here in Concord, NH and hit the punchy climbs on beautiful scenic roads. Riding something once on a vacation is such a tease! And there is nothing worse than getting a QOM far from home only to lose it and not be able to fight for your rightful place at the top of that list!!

Place you'd like to ride? 

I would love to ride in the French Alps – it seems like a rite of passage for any cyclist.

Riding heroes? 

Eddie Merckx is a historical staple in terms of success and passion, but modern day I would have to say I aspire to the level of Katie Compton who has been successful on the national and world stage for many years, and has been able to center her life around cycling without giving up those cool features of life like a cool husband and a dog.

Goals for riding in the future? 

I want riding to be my career.

Favorite Velocio pieces? 

Signature Fly bibs!!! And the ZERO Bib Tights, which are a LIFESAVER training in the winter. They feel like golden retriever puppy ears are nuzzling your legs while you do intervals.

Best riding story: 

Once I was riding in New Zealand (these travels were all academic related believe it or not!) and after climbing through some mountains, I encountered a woman in the road trying to herd her escaped sheep! I had to stop to help her wrangle them and get them back into her yard. Not the pasture or barn, into her picket fenced yard, because they were her pets. Truly New Zealand! After that I rode my bike back to the campsite on the beach and took a dip in the ocean. Except for the lack of donuts, it was a perfect day.