In 2019, we introduced the successor to the Signature Fly – FlyFree. Learn more about the evolution of our pee-break friendly bib shorts from their original incarnation to our latest offering.

It's not right to call the Signature Fly Bib Short, a "bathroom bib." Sure, it does that. And while nature breaks are part of the riding experience, when one pops up, the last thing one want to do is remove nearly all kit. 

But more importantly, we designed the Signature Fly to be a great riding bib short. The small, vertical zipper at the back of the bibs disappears, meaning features like the wide leg grippers, high density all-day chamois, thoughtful cut and wide straps with mesh overlayer for stability in the upper come into focus. These are the features that makes riding better.



Bib shorts have been passed over by women for years because of issues around riding comfort. No more. The Signature Fly Bib Short, is a stand-alone amazing bib before the namesake rear zipper. However, the crucial bit of technology added to our Signature Bib Short to create a high performance bib with an easy-on / easy-off, mid-ride bathroom break option. No halters. No oddly-placed seams. No jersey, helmet and sunglasses removal.


A How-to Guide

At first glance, you may be a little lost in how to proceed with your new Signature Fly bib shorts. We want your transition to better bathroom stops to be smooth and painless, so we put together a quick How-To guide to get you started...


signature fly step 1
signature fly step 2
signature fly step 3
signature fly step 4
signature fly step 5
signature fly step 6
signature fly step 7


The marriage of a wildly functional, high performing bib with a break-friendly design has garnered key attention from users and media alike. The I don't like bibs comment from riders we've met has given way to I don't like bibs that aren't Velocio.


You'll love them. We guarantee it.

Hence, our 30 Day Signature Guarantee. Try any of our bib shorts for 30 days and if for any reason at all you don't feel they make riding better, return them for a full refund.


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What Press are saying...

"Velocio’s Superfly Bib Shorts blew the competition away with a dream-like chamois, comfortable crisscrossing straps, and an ingenious back zipper for easy bathroom breaks."

- Bike Radar


"The elastic crisscrossing straps are comfortable across the shoulders and stretchy enough to make the bathroom break process a snap. After unzipping, just pull the bibs down without removing your jersey or top layers for a quick and modest nature break."

- Bike Radar


"The zipper is undetectable against your skin (I never felt it) and after many miles of riding, I can attest that the bibs are super comfortable, hold up well, and are worth the money."

- Bicycling


What our Customers are saying...

I love these bib shorts!! They look great, feel great and offer comfort in the saddle. Very pleased with my purchase.

- Rachel


BEST BIB EVER!!! From the moment I first put these on I could feel a perfect fit,silk like fabric and the most comfortable chamois this gal has had on! After my first ride(103 miles) I am even more sold on the feel and the function. I’m telling all my girlfriends to get them!! PS the blue is the bomb!

- Lesley


Hands down the best bibs!! so comfortable, and you the zipper at the back is unnoticeable while riding. and, awesome to be able to pop in and out of the ladies room at the coffee stops!! I’ll buy a second pair this season, just need to decide which of the cool new colors…

- Alyson



Available in 4 colors: Charcoal, Navy, Petrol and Black.


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