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Long days and golden light

Our summer release, in time for riding's high season, celebrates long summer days. These three jerseys, visually inspired by harvest seasons, draw their look from the deep greens of summer and bold rides. Made for those post-solstice sunsets and reaping the harvest of an all-day ride, our Summer Release collection covers morning, noon, and night.

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velocio 200702_Velocio_Dalles_2831

There are still days in the saddle when the only sound is your breath as you tick up a climb. Still days when the whirling tire noise hums over the pavement like the soundtrack to guided meditation. The still days of summer are are here. This is a collection for those days.

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velocio 200702_Velocio_Dalles_1915
Julie in Weave SE
velocio 200702_Velocio_Dalles_3268
velocio 200702_Velocio_Dalles_3727
Molly sporting the Harvest Ultralight Jersey in Celeste.
velocio 200702_Velocio_Dalles_4093
Harvest Ultralight in Burnt Orange.
velocio 200702_Velocio_Dalles_3853
velocio 200702_Velocio_Dalles_3751
velocio 200702_Velocio_Dalles_4104
Julie in Harvest Ultralight, Burnt Orange.
velocio 200702_Velocio_Dalles_4197

Summer is reimagined with a tradition defying Rugby SE Jersey, the Harvest Ultralight Jersey and our Weave SE Jersey. With a color palette drawing from summer night (dark purple), long sun-sets (burnt orange), deep forrest greens (olive and mint), extend the season and the rides that pair with it.

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