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Bivo One Water Bottle - Velocio

Fire Red

The BIVO One is a 21 ounce recyclable stainless steel bottle designed by NASA engineers to offer up flow similar to plastic bicycle bottles. We’re proud to partner with BIVO as they’ve scrutinized every decision made when it came to the materialization of their bottle and have offset their impact to be completely carbon neutral.

The interior flow straw, which allows air into the bottle when tilted, effortlessly pushes the liquid out of the nozzle. Providing an unmatched and smooth flow-rate without the need to squeeze. The BIVO One weighs 168 g (5.9 oz) and fits in standard bottle cages. Includes two low profile screws to replace current bottle cage screws.

Bivo One Water Bottle cannot be returned or exchanged.

    • Patent pending high-flow sport nozzle
    • Anti-rattle and anti-slip silicone exterior
    • Food-grade silicone components
    • 100% recyclable stainless steel
    • BPA free polypropylene lid
    • Single-wall non-insulated
    • 21 oz capacity / 168 g dry weight / 8.38" height
  • Weight: 168 g / 5.9 oz
    Dimensions: 21.3 cm / 8.38 in. height

    • Body: Recyclable 304 stainless-steel
    • Lid: FDA-grade and BPA free polypropylene (plastic #5)
    • Flow straw, nozzle, o-rings, and tactile exterior coating: Food-grade silicone
  • We recommend washing your Bivo One regularly to keep it looking and tasting great.

    While the bottle itself is dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing it with warm water and mild soap to ensure you preserve your exterior finish.

    Before initial use, wash your bottle and bottle components with mild soap and warm water.


    To clean, remove the nozzle and straw, and unscrew the lid. You can wash your Bivo One components by hand with warm water and a mild soap.

    To remove your nozzle: Pull the nozzle up into the open position. With the lid removed, look inside the lid and find one of the three nozzle tabs. Press one of these tabs and pull your nozzle out at a slight angle. If it is difficult, try gently rocking your nozzle back and forth until it comes out easily. Do not force the nozzle out as it could cause damage.

    To remove your straw: Pull on it from the halfway point until it pops off the lid.

    Included in the shipment are two low profile screws to replace any existing sharp edge screws in the water bottle cage, that might otherwise scratch the bottle.

Bivo One Water Bottle

Bivo One Water Bottle